Easy Volume Fan Lashes


  • Classic Lash
  • Thickness: 0.05
  • Color: Black
  • Curl: D

★ Self Fanning Eyelash Extensions, also Easy Fan Lash Extensions. These are the newest eyelashes on the market that have the latest technology to fan themselves with minimal effort. It is a revolutionary new product.★ Create a fan simply by applying a small amount of pressure with your tweezers, counting each lash, and grabbing the number of lashes you want for your fan lash(i.e., 5d, 6d, etc.). Even if you are a novice at creating volume fans, after practicing with 1-2 rows, you will like it. Try to believe it.★ Now with self fanning eyelash, creating a volume fan is easier than ever, massively speeding up volume lash application. Your work is cut in half, and they fan so pretty. You can make a fan in seconds! No need to make fans before your client comes. Your mega lashes will be more and more popular.★ There is residue? Lashes come off in clumps? Curl is lost? NO, we have improved the production process. These problems have been solved. The root of easy fan lashes has been specially treated; the lashes will stay bonded together when pulled off the strip. Also, there is no excess glue at the base of the lashes.★ These are individual lashes. They are NOT premade fans, but they fan super easy and fast! The material is black PBT, PolyButylene Terephthalate. It is durable and can stand high temperatures and various solvents (facial cream or cleaners). They are very soft and lightweight, just like your own lashes. It is still an environment-friendly material. The easy fan lashes are available in the ever-popular .07mm and the latest trendy ultra mega volume in 0.05.