Eyelash Extension Training

Eyelash Extension Training Class and Certification

The class comes with a fully stocked kit, enough to start your business! 

We are committed to providing the highest quality training experience possible. At Flash Your Style, the only standard we have is:
Total Customer Satisfaction 
2020 Eyelash Extension Training Dates  
January 10th-11th Richland, WA
February 6th- 7th Richland, WA
March 13th-14th Richland, WA
April 10th-11th Richland, WA
May 15th-16th Richland, WA
June 12th-13th Richland, WA
July 17th-18th Richland, WA
August 14th-15th Richland, WA
September 11th-12th Richland, WA
October 9th-10th Richland, WA
November 13th-14th Richland, WA
December 4th-5th Richland, WA



Become a Flash Your Style Advanced Certified Lash Stylist with instruction from one of the nation’s leading lash teams. Our team counted among the most trusted extensions, and safety is their number one concern.

The application of eyelash extensions is a highly technical and meticulous process, which requires well-trained anesthetics and cosmetologists to perform the procedure.

Learn the advanced techniques to speed up your application time, apply bottom glitter and two-toned lashes, and learn marketing strategies to enhance your lash business.

Our team will give you training above and beyond, and we will help you become a lash superstar!

State licensing requirements for applying lash extensions vary from state to state, so it is incumbent upon you to research the need for your country and comply with any laws and conditions concerning the application of any lash extension products. Please be advised that since lash extensions are still relatively new to the U.S., you may not find a specific reference to “lash extensions” or “eyelash extensions” written in the codes. However, some states may provide a definition that would include lash extensions, such as “applying eyelashes to any person.” Some states do not require a cosmetologist or anesthetic license.

Please contact your Flash Your Style Account Executive or Customer Service for more information. (509) 572-2777