Eyelash Extension Services

Classic, Volume, Hybrid Lash Services

Professional lash extensions enhance your natural beauty and give you the confidence to take on anything that comes your way. Our precise techniques guarantee your safety and impressive results, and we take pride in providing a relaxing experience. As trusted authorities on your favorite style enhancements and beauty services, we work hard to ensure you look and feel amazing


Classic LashesSingle individual false lashes are applied to each isolated natural lash to create a simple, natural mascara look. 

Hybrid Volume – Hybrid is a mix of classic and volume lash extensions. Mixing these lashes creates a level of fullness that cannot be achieved by classic or volume lashes alone.

Volume Lashes Light-weight fanned lashes applied to each isolated, singular natural lash. It creates a full dramatic look

Eyelash Extensions  
Classic Full Set $160
Classic Fill $60
Volume Full Set $225
Volume Fill $80
Hybrid Full Set $215
Hybrid Fill $70
Lash Removal $35