About Us

One thing that happens when you blog your life and your journey (whether it be your business journey or personal journey) is that people start assuming you've always been successful.  Or that you were handed a silver platter with a bottle of magic potion that you drank to get to where you are today. We NEVER want you to look at us and think that we've always been who we are today. We stand for authenticity, rawness, and building a highly profitable business while being busy moms.  We are still actively working towards huge goals every day, and don't deem ourselves superior to anyone. We simply stay in our lane (we call it our bubbles) with our heads up high silently working our butts off until we hit our next milestone in our careers. Things we've gone through to get to where we are today in business and life we've never even shared before. Some things we talk about every so often, others not so much - because they bring up painful memories. First, we left our hometown of people & families after starting up The Massage & Lash Image in Yakima. We moved & relocated to Kennewick, Washington. Then we went broke and had to get help with paying our bills and work nonstop and used the last bit of money to our bank account. At the same time, our mom was involved in a tragic accident & there was nothing we could do to help her pain & suffering & her passing away. She was all we had or ever known as she was a single mom raising us 4 girls. Along with building our family's outside of work being busy moms through adoption, special needs & being together with the 3 of us triplets With tears in our eyes and working nonstop for our families & building relationships & connections with our clients & students feeling like a basket case wondering if the employees we hired were going to work as hard as us Every night we came home from our job & prayed & hoped to become successful. But what got us through to the next day was our determination to escape mediocrity. To never live a mediocre life, never report to a boss, never have to check the prices on the menu when I go out to dinner, 
and never have to be glued to one location to make a high income. We would stay up until midnight, 1am, 2am, figuring out how to bring our visions to life and build our own business. Relationships with friends were lost, and my social life came to a halt, but we didn't care. We craved freedom and knew to build a real business meant sacrificing other things temporarily. We threw our excuses and shitty scarcity mindsets out the window. We focused on what steps moved our businesses forward and did those over and over and over. Now we turn 42yrs old in January, and We've hit more milestones in the last six months that we used to think would take years. Six figures once felt crazy, but after crossing that mark in the first 9 years of our business, now we're looking at crossing seven & eight figures before we turn 40 in the next couple of months. But what matters is that our story is deeper than it is wide, and the point of us sharing all of this with you and documenting our journey is to shed light on what it REALLY takes to be "successful." We were not given any connections to influential people
We attracted them and created them We were not born into wealth.
We created it (and are STILL creating it) for ourselves. We've been real with you from the start of this journey, and we plan to keep it real regardless of how big our brand gets or how many "followers" we have behind our name. And if you do ever feel the urge to ask us how we're" always so confident" or how we're able to travel around the world, know that we've worked for every single thing we have today, and we are NOT an overnight success. [newsflash: that doesn't exist. Run far from anyone who tries to sell you on that idea. We are the REAL, raw result of long hours, experimentation, implementation, imperfect action-taking, and a lot of mindset work. We are 3 girls with a dancer's dedication and a mother's commitment and an entrepreneur's soul. We've experienced heartache, emotional trauma, depression, massive personal development, and everything in between. What you see today is merely the product of years and years of hard work. If you want someone to sell you on the idea of entrepreneurship is easy, you're not gonna get it from us. Sign up for our newsletter & register with us to get VIP memberships 
- Laura, Lisa & Leslie